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The LACRYSIL brand is a product of the Ukrainian manufacturer 'Polymer-Lak' LLC. The company was founded in 1993 in Ukraine and for 30 years has been a reliable and well-known supplier of construction adhesives for all materials and surfaces, silicone, acrylic and combined sealants, polyurethane foams, insulation, etc.

The LACRYSIL brand is impeccable quality. All products comply with ISO 9001 quality standards. LACRYSIL products are manufactured on modern equipment from raw materials that come from European suppliers. Our own research center and highly qualified specialists control and support the production of all products, as well as create new ones according to the needs of consumers.

Today, the LACRYSIL brand is the industry leader in Ukraine, occupying 40% of the construction adhesives and foams market. The company continues to expand the sales network of LACRYSIL and SAF PROFESSIONAL in Ukraine and abroad. Our developed distribution network ensures that our products are available in almost all specialized chains, stores and retail outlets in the country.

Polymer-Lak LLC and the LACRYSIL brand are part of our Group of Companies for the production of other products for the construction industry.

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