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Mounting glues

Glue “Sumasshedshaya lipuchka”
Waterproof construction adhesive for wall and floor coverings
Glue acrylic “Kruche gvozdei”
Professional adhesive for building materials
Acrylic adhesive “Super installation”
Waterproof one-component professional building glue
Glue аcrylic “For decoration”
Adhesive for installation
of light and heavy decor
Glue “For cork and bamboo”
One-component building glue for natural coatings
Adhesive for flooring “Ultra Lip”
ОOne-component acrylic flooring adhesive
Glue “For tiles, mosaics and stone”
Elastic acrylic adhesive with zero vertical slippage
Glue for fiberglass wallpapers LUX ADHESIVE
Acrylic adhesive for fiberglass wallpaper, ready for use
Rubber glue Super strong
Mounting adhesive for fixing caissons, gypsum boards, thresholds, wall panels
Rubber glue Professional
Mounting adhesive for fast and reliable gluing of heavy structures
PVA glue D3
One-component PVA glue D3 is assigned for gluing in hot and cold way all types of wood, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, etc.
PVA glue Modified
Water-dispersion adhesive for bonding cardboard, gypsum cardboard, glass sheets, fabrics
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