2023-05-09 20:13:13

Dear partners and customers!

Your attention is a link to an article from our partner PrivatBank....

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2023-01-30 20:09:24

Waterproofing AQUA BLOCK

Waterproofing AQUA BLOCK blue is a relative of our similar product
WaterBlock. This product has been improved by our own laboratory
specialists according to the numerous requests of our customers.

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2023-01-30 20:05:44


There is no time to stand still.
We are glad to present to your attention a novelty in our assortment.
"60 SECONDS" is a super product developed in our laboratory for those
professionals who want to speed up...

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2022-12-26 20:00:06

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This year, these congratulations seem to be out of place, there are no ordinary New Year's
emotions, as it was in civilian life, before the war.
But on the other hand, these congratulations sound differe...

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2022-12-10 19:35:04

Step by step to Victory!

Looking at the photos of the destruction of our liberated Polymer Lacquer plant near
Kherson, you seem to believe your eyes, but your brain refuses to accept reality.
The factory was destroyed...

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2022-11-27 23:29:50

The long-awaited liberation of Kherson! Consequences of russian world!

Liberation of Kherson!.. Such a long-awaited event!
One more step to Victory! We believe!
It is impossible to put into words what tears the soul to pieces. On the one hand, a sense of
pride and gratitude to e...

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2022-06-09 15:41:00

45 days to start production

45 days to start production, the story of our victory!!!

02/24/2022. …. Shock and Horror!… WAR!…. Fear!…. There is still HOPE in my heart that
now everything mus...

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