45 days to start production

2023-01-15 15:16:00

45 days to start production

45 days to start production, the story of our victory!!!

02/24/2022. …. Shock and Horror!… WAR!…. Fear!…. There is still HOPE in my heart that
now everything must stop. But no… ! A kaleidoscope of tragic news about the dead, about
the seizure of Ukrainian territories….

Only yesterday no one could have imagined the enormity of this madness. And here is
another news – the occupation of our plant by the Russian military. There they organized
their command headquarters. … Everything is lost???….

But we cannot be broken, we continue to fight: we support the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
workers and their families and make an important decision to build a new production of
adhesives and sealants in Kyiv.

At first, this idea seems unrealistic. Launching a new production in wartime without
equipment, raw materials, when key employees in different parts of the country: a
technical director in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, technologists and installers
… in the ranks of the defense industry, financiers without communications in the occupied
territory … an impossible task.

We succeeded!
Today we have released the first batch of products in Kyiv and we are moving forward! We
managed the impossible – to start production from scratch in 45 days. This is our small
VICTORY thanks to the huge support of our partners: suppliers of raw materials and
equipment, contractors, customers and, of course, a strong and close-knit team.
But the main victory is ahead – THE VICTORY OF UKRAINE, our free country!



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