Glue "For decoration" is a high-quality white water-dispersive acrylic adhesive. The adhesive is based on the newest acrylic copolymers, has high fixing properties, excellent adhesion to porous substrates. It is recommended to use for interior decorative finishing of premises. It is assigned for gluing lightweight structures made of expanded polystyrene or polyurethane (plates, panels, sockets, baguettes, curbs, insulation materials, decorative elements) onto porous substrates: concrete, brick, gypsum, plaster, particle board, fiberboard, wood. It hardens as it dries. Does not contain solvents.
Product specifications
Vehicle Typeacrylic
Temperature at application+5…+35 °C
Drying time24-48 hours
Operational temperature-40…+80 °C
Packaging size0,2 kg, 0,44 kg
Shelf life18 months