Glue “Sumasshedshaya lipuchka” is a high-quality one-component acrylic adhesive for wall and floor coverings with zero slipping. The product is characterized by high adhesion to all surfaces. After drying, it forms a waterproof, strong adhesive joint. It withstands high loads and deformations and ensures durability of gluing. The product is environmentally friendly and does not contain solvents. Manufactured according to European quality standards. Universal mounting adhesive on acrylic base "Sumasshedshaya lipuchka" TM Lacrysil is a unique product and is used to work with all "complex" bases.

Product specifications
Vehicle Typeacrylic
Temperature at application+5…+35 °C
Drying time24-48 hours
Operational temperature-40…+80 °C
Packaging size0,2 kg, 0,44 kg, 1,2 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg
Shelf life18 months