PVA glue D3 TM Lacrysil is a high-quality milky white water-dispersion polyvinyl-acetate glue, obtained by the method of internal plasticization, which is easily applied by brush or roller. One-component PVA D3 glue is assigned for fast and high-quality gluing of all kinds of wood, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, veneer, lining materials, cardboard, gypsum board, leather, fabric, porcelain, glass, tile, linoleum, wallpaper gluing, paper, as well as for introduction into chalk and cement mortars. PVA glue D3, primarily recommended for joinery and furniture production in the performance of demanding applications. It is used in the manufacture of windows, doors, stairs, tables, chairs and other products from different types of wood.
Product specifications
Vehicle Typepolyvinylacetate
Temperature at application+18…+22 °C
Drying time6-10 hours
Operational temperature-40…+100 °C
Packaging size0,15 kg, 0,4 kg, 0,75 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg
Shelf life12 months