Dear Colleagues, Partners, Dear Friends!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This year, these congratulations seem to be out of place, there are no ordinary New Year’s emotions, as it was in civilian life, before the war.
But on the other hand, these congratulations sound different and take on a special meaning.

The outgoing year was very tragic and difficult for our Country, for our Business, for millions of our compatriots, for each of us.

But every day in the heart the confidence in the imminent change of the black streak of evil to bright kindness, to the Great Victory of our Country is growing!!!

Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Life and Light!
We sincerely wish you all a Merry Christmas!

New Year is a holiday of Dreams and Hope!
Peaceful New Year!

Big thanks to our team!
Everyone without exception!

It is impossible to list the amount of titanic efforts made by you!
Without exaggeration, the path that we have overcome this year is a business feat, to some extent a “miracle”, which became possible thanks to each of you.
Much gratitude and respect to you!

Thanks to all Partners for their dedication to the common cause!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your cooperation!
We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Blessed memory to those who can not be returned!

We believe in victory!
We are proud of the APU!

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the heroes!

Komkov Eduard
Group CEO:
Polifarb LLC, Polifarb -Ukraine LLC, Polymer-Lak LLC, Kanfom LLC

Shtelmakh Vyacheslav
Executive Director of Polifarb -Ukraine LLC

Boytenyuk Julia
Executive Director of Polymer-Lak LLC, Kanfom LLC

Chumak Svetlana
DIY Channel Director