TM “LACRYSIL” expands the range and presents a high-quality product PLASTICIZER

Plasticizer Antifreeze – allows you to build any objects in the winter season at sub-zero temperatures.

Scope of application:

● additive in the production of commodity, decorative, hydraulic concrete, machine-paved concrete, reinforced concrete products, ground and underground engineering structures;

● it is used for screeding, monolithic construction, masonry and other types of construction work;

● it is used in the production of concrete blocks, paving slabs and other products with a vibro-casting method of concrete of ordinary grades.

The plasticizer Non-Freezing is manufactured according to the specifications of ТУ У В.2.7-23.6-19237456-012: 2017. Quality control is performed by a certified laboratory of the enterprise, certificate No. РЧ-142/2015 from 29.12.2015.