Looking at the photos of the destruction of our liberated Polymer Lacquer plant near Kherson, you seem to believe your eyes, but your brain refuses to accept reality.


The factory was destroyed without the feasibility of its restoration!
9 months of “russian peace” destroyed dozens of years of work and investment.

Swallowing this bitter mixture of rage and pain from the loss of production,
We have become even stronger!
And the desire to defeat the enemy became even greater!

In a few months,
in wartime conditions,
we have done something that is hard to even believe.

· We are building an even more modern production near Kyiv!
· Redesigned our LACRYSIL brand!
· Every month we strengthen our leadership positions in the market!
· Restored the pre-war range of products!
· As a result – we continue to increase capacity!

But all this would be unattainable without the support of our foreign and Ukrainian partners:
· We thank the suppliers of equipment and raw materials. You made the impossible possible!
· We express our special thanks to the company “Epicentr” for their faith and support.
· We are grateful for the great loyalty and trust of our financial partners – PrivatBank and ProkreditBank.
· Thank you to all our Buyers, Stores, especially Distributors, who provided their warehouses for free when they were in critical need.

And separate thanks to our Workers,
To everyone without exception and especially to each of you!
We express honor and respect to those who are currently in the Armed Forces,
we support and help those who find themselves in the occupation in impossible conditions,
we appreciate those who, despite fear and risk, step by step on the way to our goal.

There are still many goals and ambitions ahead.

But the main and most desirable thing is VICTORY OF UKRAINE!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!