Liberation of Kherson!.. Such a long-awaited event!
One more step to Victory! We believe!

It is impossible to put into words what tears the soul to pieces. On the one hand, a sense of pride and gratitude to every hero of the Armed Forces, on the other hand, pain and bitterness for the most terrible thing: for thousands of dead soldiers and civilians.
There is a constant question in my head: Why? …. For what?…. When will this horror end?….

Today, the part of the Kherson region, where our production is located, was liberated from the occupiers and we had the opportunity to see our factory, or rather what remained of it.
Unfortunately, the production, in which we have invested and poured our hearts for many years, is completely destroyed. Only a pile of burnt metal and ruins remained of the recently modern high-tech factory. There was a tiny hope that at least a part would be preserved.
But… alas… nothing. It hurts…

But we cannot be broken, we are moving forward!
Despite missile strikes, constant interruptions of electricity and water supply, limited financial opportunities, partial lack of specialists, our new production in Kyiv is gaining momentum. Despite all these difficulties and risks of wartime, our employees work diligently, sometimes even at night. And thanks to this, today we not only fully returned to the production of the entire assortment, but also create additional capacities, build new warehouses and premises. Export contracts have been renewed.
Our company continues to save jobs, support employees and their families, pay taxes and thereby support the country’s economy. And, of course, we support the Armed Forces every month. Thanks to our Heroes!

Let the whole world know that…
Ukraine is an independent state!
Ukrainians are an indomitable, strong people.

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