• clear when dry;
• environmentally friendly;
• high adhesive capacity;
• ready for use;


LUX ADHESIVE is a professional adhesive for wallpaper, assigned for gluing fiberglass wallpapers and canvas, all kinds of heavy wallpapers, wallpapers for painting, textile and vinyl wallpapers, wallpapers on non-woven and polyester substrates, heavy, embossed, structural, tufted wallpaper, jute fabrics in dry premises on concrete, foam concrete, plastered, gypsum plasterboard and painted surfaces.

Product specifications
Vehicle Type acrylic
Temperature at application +5…+35 °C
Drying time 24 hours
Color milky white
Operational temperature -40…+80 °C
Packaging size 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg
Shelf life 18 months