• excellent adhesion to building surfaces;
• high density;
• dimension stability after hardening;
• uniform outflow and homogeneous structure;
• does not conduct electricity;


High-quality professional foam designed for filling cavities and cracks, sealing and compaction of joints and cracks, insulation of building structures, compound of different materials. A universal heat and sound insulator fixes the material during installation and sealing of window frames, door frames, roof structures and wall panels, piping and cable systems, heat and sound insulation systems.

Product specifications
Total output, 750 ml can up to 60 L
Total output, 800 ml can up to 65 L
Total output, 850 ml can up to 70 L
Secondary extension 15 - 30%
Heat resistance −60…+100 °C
Temperature range, «all-season» −10…+35 °C
Primary treatment time 25 minutes
Time of surface film formation 10 minutes
Curing time 15-20 minutes
Full curing time 12-24 hours